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Please use the Maths Spring Activity booklet that was sent home last week.

Suggested plan:

Day 1 complete pages 2,3 & 4 and use the 100 square and play some games. 

Day 2 complete pages 5,6, & 7 and practise number formation (paying particular attention with two-digit numbers).

Day 3 complete pages 8 & 9 and can you make your own part-part whole models for number bonds to 20?

Day 4 complete pages 10 & 11 and can you find things at home to measure? How many steps does it take you to get from your bedroom to the bathroom? Order your family from tallest to smallest. Who is the smallest? Who is the tallest?

Day 5 complete pages 12 & 13 and practise counting in 2s and 5s whenever you can.