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AM - Maths

Today's lesson looks a little different. I'm setting you a challenge to beat me on the Factors and Multiples Game below.  Before you try the challenge, remind your self what factors and multiples are by watching this video:

How to find Multiples and Factors

The Challenge

The aim of today's challenge is to make a looooong chain of numbers. BUT you can only add a number to your chain if it is either a factor or a multiple of the number that came before. You can find an interactive version of this game at the link above and some more detailed instructions. 


Look at my example chain below. 

I started with 48, then added 24 because I know that 24 is a factor of 48. 

6 is a factor of 24 so I chose that next. 

I know that 66 is a multiple of 6 so that was my next choice.....and so on!



What is the longest chain you can make? 
Can you beat my score of 24 different numbers in a chain?!

Do you have any winning strategies? 

Are there any numbers that you will try to avoid?