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Reflecting on the events of this year...

Today's project is a writing challenge. I was inspired by the poem 'The Time We Spring Cleaned the World' By Laura Gribbons. Her poem gives a really interesting summary of the events that have happened this year and the impact they have had on the world. Have a read below: 

I would like you to produce your own piece of writing today which reflects the events of this year during the Coronavirus pandemic and the School Closures. Its up to you how you do this. Choose from one of the options below: 


1) Write a Poem

This could be a narrative poem, that tells the story of the year's events, like the example above or it could be another form of poetry: an acrostic poem, a series of limericks, free verse. It is up to whether your poem rhymes or not.


Follow the link below for information about different types of poems and how to write them. 

2) Write a Newspaper Report

This is a formal type of writing which will allow you to include lots of facts and figures about the events of this year. Make sure that your news report is informative: What is Coronavirus? Why did we have to stay at home? How long has school been closed? What is social distancing? Try to use a catchy headline to grab the reader's attention, for example: "The Year the Earth Stood Still."


Use the link below for top tips about how to write a newspaper report. 

3) Write a Diary Entry

This is a much more informal style of writing. You can talk about the events that have happened this year, but you include much more detail about your thoughts and feelings than you would do in a newspaper article. This makes this type of writing much more personal and unique. How have you found this year? What have you enjoyed? What have you found difficult? What emotions have you felt throughout this period of school closure? 


Follow the link below for some top diary writing tips. 


Write your first draft in your home learning book, then think about how you can present your final, neat copy. For example; typing up your work, using columns and photos for a newspaper report, decorating or illustrating your poem, recording your diary as a video's up to you, be creative! Remember, you have the whole day to work on this so take your time on it to make it the best it can be. Keep your finished work safe, we will need it again later in the week laugh