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Monday - RE

Recognise the importance of the Bible to Christians.

There are 2 main parts - the old testament and the new testament.  The Bible offers 'wise words' to Christians.

It tells them about what God is like. It also tells a ‘big story’ of God’s dealings with human beings: God loves humans and created a wonderful world for people (creation); humans disobey God and go their own way (‘the Fall’); God sends his Son, Jesus (incarnation) to save people – to bring them back to God (salvation). 


Task 1

There are many different books and authors. 

Can you find out how many books there are in the Bible?  How many are there in the OT and NT?

Find out the names of some of the old and new testament books.

Task 2

What different types of writing are in the Bible? (for example -letters)

Which characters and what stories do you already know from the Bible?


How do Christians use the Bible?