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This is the last week on homophones: (words that sound the same but have different meanings). It is important to spell these words correctly, so that the meaning of your sentence is clear.  Choose the correct spellings to complete the sentences below. You might need to use the internet to find a definition of each word first to make sure you understand its meaning. 

I have a friend _________ a Nottingham Forest fan. 

________ shoes are these? 

The weather will __________ my choice of clothes. 

Exercise and healthy eating have a positive ________ on the body.

The first copy of a piece of writing can be called a rough _________. 

It's cold in here because there's a ________ coming from the door. 

I had a delicious ice cream sundae for __________. 

Camels live in the __________. 

The summer fair will ___________ at 2pm. 
A ___________ B in the alphabet. 




Join our Hive Game

Your spellings have been uploaded to Spelling Shed. I will be holding a Hive Game (a virtual spelling test) for Mrs Bates' group on FRIDAY at 10.00. The link below will explain how to join in. Try logging in 5 minutes early to make sure you're ready. Hope to see you there!