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Words that sound the same but have different meanings. It is important to spell these words correctly, so that the meaning of your sentence is clear. Choose the correct spellings to complete the sentences below. 

________ means part of a series or link of events. 

The head of the school (in America!) is called the ___________.

If you say something nice to someone, you give them a _____________. 

If something is standing still it is _________________. 

________ means you are really tired. 

If you are unsure about something/someone you are ___________ of them. 

In my pencil case I have lots of cool ____________. 

A fundemental truth/law is called a ____________. (For example: Newton's ________ of motion) 

Something that improves or emphasises something else: Megan's blue jumper really ______________ her eyes.

I eat _________ for breakfast.  

Your spellings have been uploaded to Spelling shed. The documents below include other ideas of ways you can practise your spelling words too.