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The /or/ sound spelled with an 'a'

If a word has an /or/ sound, but it comes before 'l' or 'll', we spell that sound with an 'a'.

Use these spellings to complete the sentences below: 


I _________ try my best. 

An ant is very _________. 

Ben went for his daily _________ to the park. 

I like to _________ to his Grandma on the phone.

I _______ my Grandmas on Wednesdays. 

I finished _______ of my homework. 

Cinderella went to the _________. 

My Grandad has no hair! He is _______. 

I like crisps but I _______ like chocolate. 

In Autumn, leaves ______ off the trees. 


Don't forget to practise your spellings on Spelling Shed and join is for our hive game on Friday at 10.30
(Sorry if you tried to join this week - I had a few technical difficulties! Should be sorted this week!)