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Anna Meredith's HandsFree - BBC Proms 2012

We're looking at a very different type of composer this week. Anna Meredith doesn't use any instruments in her Music! How?! Watch the video below to find out...It's a long one but worth watching all the way through! Listen out for: The repeated rhythmic patterns and sounds made by people using their bodies as instruments. Does this remind you of any other music that we have learned about already this year?

Visit the website below to find out more about Anna Meredith and how she makes her music. Watch the video of the 'Connect It' performance. Look at the different actions and listen to the different sounds in the performance. 

Have a go at making your own short, simple rhythm using body percussion. You can borrow some of the ideas you have seen or come up with your own. Try to include clapping, shouting, stomping and beat-boxing to add interesting sounds. See if you can teach your rhythm to a friend or family member. Can you perform it together? 


Extra Challenge: 
Can you perform your rhythm in a 'canon'? A canon is where two or more instruments,voices or sounds play the same music, but starting at different times. It adds different layers to your 'music' and makes it sound really interesting!


* I would love to see a video of your performance if you are brave enough to film it and send it in to me! *