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This week we're continuing the percussion theme, but this week using just CUPS! Follow the tutorial below and give it a go yourself.....Please DON'T use your Mum's best glass cups!! Plastic is good! 

CUPS! Tutorial #1

Fancy A Challenge?

Anna Kendrick - Cups (Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone") [Official Video]

Listen carefully - Can you hear a pattern that is similar to the second pattern that you just learned? Practise the pattern in this song and try putting it to music! Can you master singing and 'cupping' at the same time?!

MEGA Challenge!!

Perform this as a group (with your family maybe?) All sit in a circle, and on the last tap of the cup, pass it on to the next person. Then carry on playing the rhythm on the new cup that was passed to you! Can you keep the chain going without interrupting the tune?!