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This half term we will be using classical Music to inspire our creativy. Watch the clip below to explore the music and find out more about this week's activity. 

'Enigma' Variations - Theme 11, 6 & 7 by Elgar | Ten Pieces | BBC Teach

Naomi Wilkinson explores Elgar's musical portraits using facts and insight, fun animation and footage from the heart of the BBC Symphony Orchestra

Draw a Portrait and Write a Musical Memory

Follow the link below and watch the video instructions for this task. You can also see examples of the work that other people have completed to help inspire you! 

If you want to, you could upload your own work to the BBC gallery, using the link below. Please check with your parents before doing this though.

* If you haven't already, check out this week's PSHE lesson. It links really well with this lesson and has lots of great activities to help us think about people who are special to us and how we can keep up positive realtionships wth them, even when we can't see them face to face. *