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Week 2 - Creating simple patterns


Looking after ourselves is very important but it is also extremely important to know how to stay safe online - see the link Cyber safety part 1 (You will need adult support to help read through the information. You do not need to download the workbook). 

On Tuesday 9th February 2021 it is internet safety day. The theme this year is trusting information that you see and read online. The story linked below (Detective Digiduck) focuses on reliability of online information. The aim is to encourage young children to start to think about online content, and help them to understand that what they read or see online might be true, untrue, or someone's opinion. 


On Sunday 14th February we celebrate Valentines Day. Below is the story of Valentines Day. Have a read through the PowerPoint and then you might like to try one of the craft ideas below and give it to some one you love.