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PM - English

Becky Hill - Forever Young (From The McDonald's Christmas Advert)

"Forever Young - I want to be Forever Young."

We hear this song in the McDonald's advert. And it raises an interesting question :

Would you want to stay forever young?


Today, I would like you write a balanced argument to discuss this question. Your writing should be split into 3 paragraphs: 


Paragraph 1 - PROS of staying young. Present lots of reasons why it would be great to stay young forever. 


Paragraph 2 - CONS of staying young. Why might people want to grow older? 


Paragraph 3 - What is your opinion? Which side of the argument do you agree with and why?  

Try to use conjunctions in your writing to help give it cohesion. These are useful to use at the start of the sentence when adding a new reason or argument. For example:


Furthermore, many people would want to stay young forever because they could always have someone look after them (to cook them dinner and wash their clothes!)