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PM - English

Re-watch the Inner Child video. This time, focus on the Mum character. Try to put yourself in her shoes what is she thinking or feeling? 

Christmas 2020 | Inner Child | #ReindeerReady | TV | McDonald's UK

Write a Diary Entry

Imagine you are the Mum and write a diary about the day from her perspective. How will it differ from the boy's diary entry that you wrote yesterday? 

In your writing, try to use conjunctions to show a contrast between what the little boy was like in the past versus what he is like now. For example: 


When he was younger he would have loved _______________ but now ____________________. 


We always used to enjoy ___________________ yet now he's growing up _______________________. 


As a child he was ________________________whereas all he does now is ________________. 


He always seems so ____________________these days. However, just a few years ago he _______________.