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Project Work




Our topic this half term is all about Europe. For your home learning project I would like you to find out more about the countries of Europe. 


Task 1

Firstly, use Google Maps (follow the link below) to see which countries make up the continent of Europe. Study the map carefully and try and remember as many of these countries as you can. 

Then, log in to Purple Mash. I have set you a '2do' task to try and label all of the countries of Europe. How many can you get correct?! (You can look back at Google Maps to help if you need to!)


Task 2

Choose one European country to research. Find out as many facts as you can about that country and create an information poster all about it. Below are some questions to get you started with your research: 


-Where is the country? What countries surround it? 

- What does the flag look like?

- What is the climate (weather) like?

- What language do they speak? 

- What size is the population?

- What food do they eat? 

- Do they have any special traditions or celebrations? 

- Do they have any famous landmarks or tourist attractions? 


Bring your finished poster into school whit you when we go back and we can make a great display with them.