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Collective Worship - Promises

God Always Keeps His Promises

There are just THREE WEEKS left until the end of Year 5! I would like you to make 2 promises of things that you will do over the next three weeks. They might be promises you make to yourself, or to someone else. Write them down and share them with a family member, so that they can help you to keep your promises. 


Make one LEARNING promise: What will you do to make your last three weeks of home learning the best that they can be? You might promise to complete all of your Maths and English tasks before a certain time of the day. Or you could promise to complete at least one challenge activity a week. Maybe you will promise to help a sibling with their home learning? 



Make one HOME promise: How can you make a valuable contribution to your family and help out around the house over the next three weeks? You might promise to do the washing up every day! Or maybe clean your bedroom each week.