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A few different PSHE tasks for you to complete this week!



Be Awesome, Go Big

Please complete the following lessons in your workbook:

Lesson 7 - What is Normal Anyway?

Lesson 8 - Friendships and Fallouts

Who Was In My Class?


As we approach the end of Year 6, now is a good time to think back about your memories of people who have been in your class.


You will have been given a sheet with 24 boxes (there are currently 23 children in our class), where you can draw pictures or write memories about the people you have shared your class with.  These can be people here now, or people who have left - it is up to you.


Please bring this back to school with you - I will take a copy to go in our Time Capsule.  You will then be able to keep your copy and either stick it in your scrapbook or keep it somewhere else.


Secondary Scenarios


I'm sure there is a big part of your mind that is currently thinking about secondary school!


To help with your ongoing preparations, below you will find a document with different scenarios about things that could go wrong at secondary school!  Have a read through the scenarios, and then choose at least 3 to explore in detail by writing out your answers to the question prompts.


For example:


Scenario:  In maths, you realise you have packed the wrong school book and have your science book instead!


How might you feel?

A bit embarrassed.  Annoyed with yourself!  A bit worried about how the teacher might react.


What could you do?

Go and explain to the teacher as soon as you realise - it would be good to go before the lesson if you realise in time.  Say sorry and suggest a solution - for example you could ask for a piece of paper to complete your work on, and then offer to copy it into your maths book when you get home.  Most teachers will completely understand the mistake if it only happens once or twice, but if it happens often they may be annoyed.


Who could you ask for help?  What might you say to your teacher?

You could ask your form tutor for help or advice about what to say to the maths teacher.  Saying sorry and offering a solution to the problem is a good way to show your maths teacher that you are still being responsible.


What might help you to remember next time?

Double check your books for each day by having this as part of your daily routine.  You could also check with friends before school about which books you will need on any given day.  It is useful to pack your OWN bag and not ask your parents to do it.