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Love Others


After a long time, you have finally returned to school (apart from for these two weeks of course!)  This is a long time to be away from school and from your friends.


To celebrate this new beginning, I'd like you to take an opportunity to think about and write down one thing you like or admire about each person in your class.  I'm really keen for us to be a team.


I'm going to do the same for each of you, based on my first impressions.  We can all share these together when we get back to school.


Try to go beyond "he is a good friend" and think WHY each person is special or what really stands out about them.  You might also think about our school values, and if one really jumps into your mind when you think of each of your classmates.


I've put a sheet below for you to use if you'd like to, but you can record this your own way if you prefer.