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Summer Term 2


This half term our R.E work looks at Jesus' friends and Followers.  Each week, there is a key question to explore that should help us to have a clearer understanding of what makes a good friend and what qualities Jesus' friends had.


Week 1.

How do we become a good friend?


Follow the link to the story below, 'The Good Samaritan'.  Think about how we can be friendly towards people we don't know.


Week 2.

Who were some of Jesus' friends and followers?  Why were they friends and followers?


Think about trust and friendship.  Why did the disciples trust Jesus?  Think about why we trust people.

Week 3.

Who were the other people who wanted to be with Jesus?


It wasn't just the disciples who followed Jesus, Jesus valued children too.  can you find any examples of this?

Week 4.

What sort of people did Jesus befriend?


Jesus cared for everyone and rejected no one.  Watch the story of Zacchaeus to see what happened when Jesus met someone like him.


Week 5. 

What happened to Jesus' followers when Jesus was arrested, died, came alive and appeared again?



Week 6. 

What happened to the disciples after Jesus' appearances and ascension?



Summer Term 1



This half term in our R.E work we continue to look at the Jewish Faith and more specifically Jewish places of worship, Synagogues.  Use the following questions as prompts and do some research in order to answer them.


1.  What is a special place for Jewish people?


2.  What are Jewish Synagogues like? 


3.  What do Jewish people wear in a Synagogue?


4.  What is important for Jewish people?


5.  What could you learn from Jewish people?



Look at the information below and watch the short film to help you to answer some of the questions.

Synagogue Powerpoint

Synagogue Images