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God's Unconditional Love

God is often referred to as 'Our Father' - Christians believe that God loves us unconditionally, just like a Father loves his son. This means that he loves us no matter what and will always be there for us. 



Read the famous poem 'Footprints in the Sand' in the document below. This poem uses really powerful imagery to explain how God supports us in life - even in the most difficult of times. 

Think about who you can rely on for help. Who will always be there for you no matter what? It might be family members, friends, teachers or God.  


Create a set of footprints... you could do this by drawing around your feet on coloured paper and cutting them out, drawing in chalk on the pavement or printing footprints with paint if you want to get messy! On each footprint, write the name of someone you know that would carry you through your hard times. Perhaps you could display this somewhere to cheer you up when you feel down!


Below is a beautiful song by Leona Lewis called 'Footprints in the sand' which was inspired by the poem. Maybe you could listen to it as you complete this task!

Leona Lewis - Footprints In The Sand [Lyrics]