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Now watch the video below for even more information about Hajj from the point of view of someone who has been there and experienced it. Can you add any more details to your notes? 

What is Hajj? | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Islam

Your Task:

Create a short information text about Hajj. You have two choices of how to do this:
1. Use the mini booklet template below

2. Use the newspaper template that I have set as a 2do on Purple Mash. 


Can you tell me about the key events that take place during Hajj? 

1. Circle the Ka'bah

2. Walk between Safa and Marwah

3. Travel to Arafat

4. The Stoning of the Devil 

5. Circle the Ka'bah

In your work, try to use some of the key words from the word mat below.