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We are continuing this week to learn about Jesus and his miracles.  So far we have heard stories about how Jesus fed 5000 people, healed a paralysed man and healed a blind man.  Look at the Power point below to remind yourself of some of Jesus's miracles.
Look at the picture below.  It is of Jesus and a leper.  Why do you think the man is wearing a bandage?  Who is being healed?  What is Jesus going to do?  Would it have been ok to touch lepers and why is Jesus touching him?
Watch the film below to find out a bit more about the story.

Also watch the next film to see another miracle that Jesus performed.

Whilst watching the films, did you see any examples of people being thankful?  What does it mean to be thankful?  Is being thankful important?


One of the lepers came back to thank Jesus.  What would you have done?


Complete the worksheet below to show how the people in the films would have reacted.  Record what you think they would have said, what they thought and how they felt.