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What festivals and celebrations do Hindus have?

How & why do Hindus celebrate Holi?

I understand that Holi is the Festival of colour and I have started to understand the story behind it.

Holi is the Hindu festival of colour, usually celebrated in Spring. It welcomes new growth & celebrates the Spring Harvest. It celebrates the victory of good over evil.


It is based on the story of Prince Prahlad, a boy who insisted on worshiping the God Vishnu instead of his father the king. Prahlad’s aunt Holika tried to kill him on a bonfire, but the flames killed her instead.


Hindus mark the festival by building bonfires which they believe clean the air of anything evil. Popcorn, coconuts and chick peas are thrown onto the fire as offerings to God, to say thank you for the spring and the crops.

The children have a lot of fun throwing coloured paint at each other with their friends. Different colours symbolise different virtues of the soul, such as power, purity and love.                                           

Celebrating Holi - Let's Celebrate