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Talking about stories


When reading together at home, why not use some of these questions to help you delve a little deeper into the story.  Remember, when inferring you need to search for clues that back up your opinion!



Inference questions:


  1. How is _____feeling?  How do you know?

  2. How do their emotions change over the text?

  3. What does ____ think has happened and why?

  4. What do you think the relationship is between _______and _____?

  5. Why do you think ____ says “_______”?

  6. Where do you think _________?

  7. What do you think _________?

  8. Why do you think _______?

  9. Explain what clues there are that suggest __________

  10. Who do you think ________ is?  Why?

  11. Do you think ________is a good title?  Why/why not?

  12. Has the character changed since the start of the story?

  13. What words give you that impression? Why?

  14. What do you think ____is thinking?

  15. The character is feeling _____, find evidence to show they are feeling like this.