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This week we are learning one of the most important things our topic on materials covers - recycling! It is so important that everybody tries their best to recycle and make good choices about the products they use these days so that the future generations - that means you - have a beautiful world to live in.


Below is a presentation that teaches you all about recycling and one of the ways it happens. There is also a link to a video that shows you what happens to the  rubbish you put into your recycling bins! 


When you have watched the presentation and video you can choose which sheet you would like to write about the recycling process. They get progressively harder according to the amount of detail you include. 


I have also linked a sorting activity. Now many of you may not have access to a printer to cut out all of the objects so rather than physically sort it, you can draw the 3 bins and then draw and label the objects inside them.