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Muscles are used every time we move.

There are more than 600 muscles in the human body.

Muscles are attached to the bone by tendons and work in pairs to allow for smooth movement. To move a joint, one muscle contracts while the other muscle relaxes and becomes longer.


For muscles to work properly, they need a good supply of oxygen. The heart pumps blood around the body, which carries blood to all our muscles. The harder they work the more blood and oxygen they need. When you are exercising, the heart pumps faster and you breathe much quicker.


Judo players use all their muscles and need to be very strong and flexible. They do lots of different exercises to train their muscles to do different things. When we exercise, our lungs need to take in more air for our muscles to work. Watch the video clip below.

STAY ACTIVE Exercises To Get Stronger Muscles

Today's workout contains 10 of the best exercises for kids that help muscles grow and get stronger.