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Hand Hygiene

We all know that washing our hands is SUPER important right now to make sure that we kill any harmful microbes on our hands. Sometimes, if we wash our hands in a hurry, it is easy to miss bits. As we know, the recommended time to wash your hands is 20 seconds (singing Happy Birthday twice!) But do you know the BEST technique to use? Watch the video below to become a hand washing expert!

How to wash hands properly to kill all Germs, Hand-washing Steps

Now give it a go yourself! Squeeze some paint onto your hands. Pretend this is your soap. Can you follow the technique in the video to make sure you wash all parts of your hands properly without missing any bits? 

(If you don't have paint, just use soap to practise this technique) 



Now that you know how to wash your hands properly, I want you to educate other people. Be creative with how you do this. You might: 

- Make a poster

- Record an information video of your own

- Come up with a catchy rhyme or dance to help remember the steps!


If you send me your work, I will share my favourites with the children who are in school this week to help teach them what to do!