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We are now starting our final science topic for the year  - plants! Each week I will post a new lesson on this page. We will be learning all about the different parts of a plant and investigating how they grow best. It is the perfect opportunity to get helping your family in the gardens you have at home and to plant some seeds of your own in little pots and watch what happens. 


In the coming weeks I will post links to a couple of simple science investigations that we usually do in school. These usually involve broad beans and cress so next time you pop to the supermarket it would be good to pop these in your trolley. Do remember to take any photos and share how you get on at home! 



Links to the previous topic are all listed below

Below I have provided a link to the RSPB Website. There is lots of information on here about microhabitats and the link takes you directly to the area of the website which suggests activities you can do at home to promote nature in your garden. You can filter the activities according to the space you have available. 


Two of the nice ones we have done before are creating homes for hedgehogs and birds. These can be easily done with what you have laying around at home (and what you can get in the current climate!) There are lots of suggestions for how you can make bird feeders at home and most resources can be gathered in the supermarket. If you choose to do any of the garden based activities suggested please do send photos and write all about it in your workbooks.