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This half term we are continuing our topic 'Materials and their uses.' We will be learning all about what common objects we use and see around us are made from and how they are made. We will also be looking closely at how the materials we use can have an impact on our planet and what we can do to help! 

In the last home learning session you will have looked inside your homes for objects made from different materials. This week I would like you take your Science outside. This could be in your own gardens or whilst on a walk for your daily exercise. Have a look at objects you can see around you and identify what they have been made out of. You can use the sheet provided or recreate on a piece of paper. Don't forget to take a pencil and it may be handy to have something to lean on. 



Grouping Uses: When back at home have a look at what you have found. Is there any way we can group some similar uses together? Think of materials which may be used for similar purposes, for example materials used for
building. Are  you able to group similar uses of materials together? Why do you think that material has been chosen to make that object?