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Science (Zoom)

A Solar System in your Pocket!

*We will complete this lesson altogether on Zoom at 10am.*

You will need to have these things with you to complete the activity: 


- toilet roll! 

- felt tips (or any type of pen that will write on the toilet roll) 

- A piece of scrap paper


If you are unable to join us on Zoom, you can still complete this activity by following the instructions in the video below (the lady in the video uses a strip of paper and stickers...we're going to use toilet roll and pens instead as they're easier to get hold of!)

Primary Earth & Space: Solar System in my Pocket

Challenge: When you've finished your pocket solar system, try to think of a mnemonic (a rhyme or phrase) to help you remember the order of the planets. Here's one example, but it makes it more memorable if you think of your own.