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This week we are learning all about how we can change the shape of a material. We will be testing different ways we can change the shape of materials around the home and how easily this can be done. 


How easily a material changes shape is obviously very important when deciding what to make certain objects out of. Would you want to sit on a chair that collapsed when you sat on it? Would you want to wear socks that didn't stretch over your foot? The material an object is made from is chosen carefully depending on what it is going to be used for and when. 

​​​​Below is a link to a worksheet. There are 3 worksheets to choose from - you do not have to do all 3. The table is the same on every sheet, the amount of discussion that is recorded increases in amount each time. The sheet with 1 star is the easist and then it gets progressively harder. Choose which you feel would be most suitable.