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The International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is like a giant floating laboratory. Astronauts live and work on the space station for months at a time. But how do they survive in space? And what is life like on the ISS? 



First, use the websites below to find out lots of interesting facts about life on the ISS. It might be useful to take notes of anything interesting that you find out. 

Then complete your 2do on Purple Mash - Imagine you are an astronaut living on board the ISS. Write a postcard to your family back home to tell them all about your time there.


- How was your journey there? 

- What have you seen? 
- What have you been doing?

- What is everyday life like on the ISS?

- What's the best thing about living on the ISS? 

- What is the most difficult thing? 


If you would prefer, you can draw your postcard by hand and write your message on the back.