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Find a copy of this grid for you to print out below OR make your own version of the grid. 


The grid is made up of 3 parts: 

K - What I Know

This box is a chance to recap our learning so far. Fill in this column with any facts you have learned about space over the last few weeks. Hopefully, this box will be pretty full as we've been learning about space for a while now! Perhaps have a look back at all the work you've done so far, or check back on previous weeks on the website for a reminder. 


W - What I Want to Know

Although we've been learning about Space for a while now, I'm sure there are still lots of things you want to know, that we haven't had chance to cover. Space is such a HUGE topic that it's tricky to cover everything! Fill this column with questions that you still want answers to.


We've been asking LOTS of questions in school and haven't had chance to answer them yet! Thinks like:
What is a black hole? What happens if the sun dies? Does space ever end?
How many people have been into space? How many people are in space right now?

Think big and jot down as many questions as you can think of. 


L - What I Have Learnt

Now go and do some of your own research and try and find answers to your questions. Some good sources to use to find information are: Google, YouTube or Epic Books (they have lots of great information texts you can use.) When you find them, write your answers in the third column.