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September 2020 Home Learning

Here are a few ideas you might like to do during your time at home with your family.


* Draw a picture of what you have enjoyed doing/playing with at school. Maybe draw a picture of new friends that you have made too. Perhaps get a grown up to scribe what you say. 


* As we are still getting to know you, can you draw a picture of your family? Don't forget to draw any pets you may have! If you can, write their names but don't worry if you need your grown to help you!


* See if you can do a self portrait of yourself. Be as creative as you can! Use whatever resources you like. You may want to draw, paint, chalk or even use objects from around your home like pasta, conkers, leaves or toys!



There is absolutely no pressure to get these resources printed, as we are fully aware not everybody has access to a printer. If you don't but would still like to do the activities,  you can use these sheets as ideas.