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Words containing a silent letter

Here are your spellings for this week. Copy each one out and circle the silent letter. 



Complete each of the sentences below using these spellings: 

I can _______ a better sandcastle than you!

I kept my ___________ in case I needed to take my new trainers back. 

Peter was a _____________ of Jesus.

I _________ that it will snow in July. 

I would love to be on a tropical __________ right now! 

Tom looked at me with a ___________ expression. 

I looked up at the enormous mountain before I started to _______ it. 

A ___________ is a baby sheep. 

The __________ plant is a national symbol of Scotland. 

I think __________ is the prettiest season of the year. 



Now write your own short, silly story. It must contain all of this week's spellings...and they must be spelt correctly! 

Join us for our Hive Game at 2pm today where we will test LAST WEEK's spellings (words that start with a silent letter). The code you will need is: