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Adverbials of time

Adverbs of time are added to writing to help sequence events. 


1) Sort your words into 4 groups based on their meaning: 

- In the past

- Now

- In the future

- During 

Can you add any more adverbials to these groups of words? For example currently, next, soon, still, later, now, last year, meanwhile...


2) Now, write a paragraph using this week's spelling words. Underline the spelling words as you use them. Adverbials can be used anywhere in a sentence BUT remember if you use it at the front of the sentences, forms a fronted adverbial and will need a comma to separate it from the main part of your sentence. For example: 


Immediately, I fell asleep. 

Whilst I was watching the film, I ate popcorn. 

Don't forget to join me for our Hive Game this afternoon at 2pm where we will test LAST WEEK's spellings. The code you will need is: 374471