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Adding -ing and -ence

For this week's spellings, look carefully at which words have a double r and which ones just have single r

A useful rule to use is: If you emphasise the FER sound in the word, use a double r. (Eg: trasferring)

If you don't hear the FER sound as clearly, use a single r. (Eg: difference)


Match the words and definitions above. If you are unsure of the meanings, use Google or to find them out. 


Then fill in the missing words in the sentences below: 


The ____________ gave two red cards during the match. 

The _______________ between 50 and 20 is 30. 

I can use my ___________________ skills when I am reading. 

I have a  __________________ for apples rather than carrots. 

The queen was __________________a knighthood upon the brave hero. 

I was _________________ the vase from the dining room to the living room when I smashed it! 

Katie was __________________ to her textbook to find the answers. 

When I was at school, I _________________English to Maths. 

Education involves the ____________________ of knowledge. 




Don't forget to join us for the Hive Game at 2pm tomorrow. The code you will need is: 602732