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Spellings with a silent letter at the start


1) Use this week's spelling to fill in the sentences below: 

The ______________ in shining armour came to the rescue.

At Christmas, I put a _______________ on my door. 

My favourite dinosaur is a _____________________. 

I use a ______________ and fork to eat my dinner. 

The _________________ hurt his _______________ in the fight.

I use a __________________ to help me remember the order of the planets. 

A good ______________ uses punctuation accurately in their sentences. 

I looked at the ______________ of the ship on the sea-bed. 

I can use my times tables ________________ to help me find equivalent fractions. 


2) Now write a short silly story which include all of this week's spellings! Make sure you spell them CORRECTLY! 


3) Log on to spelling shed to practise. Keep working on them throughout the week. 


Join us at 2pm today for our Hive Game where we will test LAST WEEK'S spellings. The code you need is: 735282