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AM - Spellings

This week's spelling pattern: Words ending with -ence or -ent

You usually use this spelling if the root word has a soft c (innocent), a soft g (emergent) or a qu sound (frequent) HOWEVER as always, not all of this week's spellings fit that rule (Eg: violent)



1) Match each word to the correct definition. If you are unsure what they mean use google to check! 


2) Write a short, silly story. Try to include all of your spelling words in there somewhere! 


3) Choose an activity below to help you practise these spellings.

Join the Hive Game this afternoon!

At 2.30, I will hold a Hive Game on Spelling Shed to test last week's spellings. Remember to log on in plenty of time so you don't miss the start! There is a letter below to explain how to join. The code you will need is: 716008