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Spring 1

Mars Rovers!

For this term's Design and Technology project we have been making Mars Rover Models. We used the EXCELLENT book 'Curiosity' by Markus Motem to research different types of Mars Rovers, and used this to design our own models. We decided our rovers MUST include: 6 wheels, a mechanical arm for collecting moon rocks and a camera to record its voyage. We created prototypes of these things before making the real thing. We used loads of skills when building our rovers including, sawing, joining and strengthening and drawing nets to make 3D shapes. I think the finished products look pretty impressive! 

Spacey Sculptures 

Thank  you so much to Mrs Statham for working on this amazing art project with us! We used willow to form the structure of our sculptures. To do this, we needed to make sure that the willow was damp which allowed it to become more flexible. We then carefully bent, twisted and threaded the willow to form different sized spheres. Then the messy part began! We used tissue paper, paint and (lots of!) glitter to decorate our sculptures. I'm sure you can agree, they look 'out of this world!' 


In Computing this half term, we used Purple Mash to learn about databases. We learned that databases are systems that can be used to store and organise information. On Purple Mash, we used a database to sort and organise information about aliens! We were able to ask and answer questions like: How many aliens have 3 eyes? Which alien is the strongest? How many different types of aliens come from the planet Zog?! 

When we were more confident, we created our own databases to store information about each of the 9 planets. We had to research, enter and organise this information our selves. 

Phases of the Moon

We used OREOS today to learn all about the phases of the moon! Can you remember the names of each phase? What is the difference between a waxing and waning crescent?