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Summer Term 1

This half term our History topic is all about Kings and Queens.  Use the powerpoint displays to learn about the Kings and Queens each week and complete the activities.  You can also do your own research around the Kings and Queens introduced.




We would love to see your family trees, share them via email and we can put them in the gallery.
Why not make your own Tower or castle?  You could use Lego or do some box modelling.  Share your photos with us.
Perhaps you might want to create your own Medieval Banquet!  Send us any photos of your banquet or your banquet menu.

Art Activities


Why not try designing and making your own King or Queens crown.  You can make it colourful and elaborate, it might reflect your personality!  When you have made it, take a photo and email it to us so that we can see how regal you look.

Crown ideas

You could design a flag for your own 'Royal'family.  Use the template below to help you.  There are also templates for a Royal Coat of Arms and a Royal wedding crest.  You could use gems and bright colours to decorate them.  Remember, they are specific to your family so you should include details that are important to you and your family.