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Themed Learning Activities

This week we are going to continue learning about Chinese New Year and also think about Valentines day.

Over the last 2 weeks we have learnt how people like to prepare for the celebration of Chinese New Year and we have  watched the great animal race. This week we are going to learn a little bit more about how people celebrate Chinese New Year. 


Please watch the video below.

CBeebies: Celebrating Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Abbie takes to the street with her family for a parade and firecracker display.Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games an...

Have a go at making your own dragon mask or dragon model!

For your dragon model you could use cardboard tubes and boxes, playdough, construction toys or natural materials like leaves and pebbles. Maybe you could draw a picture or take a photo of your dragon model.



In the video we saw the little girl Abbey giving her mummy a good luck message. Did you notice it wasn't like our writing? Abbey had used Chinese characters, it's very different to how we write.


Have a go and see if you can do some Chinese characters.



You might like to have a go at writing numbers in Chinese or the animal names from the great race.

You can use the links below to help you with your Chinese writing


This Sunday is Valentines day. Valentines day is the same day every year on February 14th.

You might like to make a special card for your family and tell them how much you love them!