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Themed Learning Activities


This week with it being World Book day on Thursday 4th March we would like you to enjoy your stories and books at home. 


This year's World book theme is 'share a story'. Perhaps you could share your favourite story over a video call with a family member you've not seen for a long time, or maybe make a cosy reading den and share your favourite story with all of your teddies and soft toys!


With libraries still shut at the moment, how about setting up your own mini library. Have a go at sorting your books into fiction (pretend) and non-fiction (real life). Could you make some signs for your library, such as open/closed.     





With the help of a grown up how about writing your very own story, we know you've all got fantastic imaginations! Your story could be about dragons, uncions, mermaids, giants, princesses, machines, dinosaurs or what ever you like!

Remember you can help with the sounding out and even have a go at writing some of it. As well as being the author you could also be the illustrator and draw a picture to go with your amazing story.


We would like you to go on a little scavenger hunt using your books. See if you can find some of these things inside your story books: 

 witch, car, princess, prince, frog, duck, castle, dragon, rabbit, boat, flower

Have a good at making your own book mark.

See if you can name the story with just a few clues!