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Today there are multiple tasks for you to complete. 



Task 1:  Finish your portal story.  Some of you have already finished, others of you needed more time.  By the end of today, I would like your finished story to be sent to me.



Task 2:  Proof-reading and formatting.  Once you have finished, you will need to do a full proof-read of your story.  Check for errors with spelling etc, but also check that the story details are correct and that it all ties together nicely.  You may wish to make edits here.  You may also need to add paragraphs (a LOT of you were missing these last week!)



Task 3:  Design a front cover for your story.  I have put examples of front covers below.  You will  need to think about the artistic style, and create something that matches the mood of the book.  You could do this either on the computer, or using art resources you have at home.  Make sure there is a title and your name as the author!



Task 4:  Write a blurb for your story.  Some examples are below.  Your blurb should include:

- a short synopsis of the story (a short description of what the story is about, but without giving it all away!)

- a quote from the story (choose an exciting moment or one that will grab someone's attention)

- quotes from reviews (you can make these up!  What did celebrities and newspapers have to say about your story?  Did they give you a 5 star review?)


I'd like to see these!

Front Cover Examples

Blurb Examples