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DT Day: Building Bridges


This week's home learning activities are all about building bridges between Year 5 and Year today we will be building actual bridges! 


Using only materials that you find around your house, I would like you to try and build the LONGEST, STRONGEST bridge that you can! Your bridge will need to span between two surfaces and you can only use the items in the list below: 


- string

- elastic bands

- tape

- blu tac

- glue

- paper clips

- newspaper/normal paper

- spaghetti (uncooked!)

- lollipop sticks

- cardboard/cardboard boxes 


Have a look at some of the ideas below for inspiration: 

Your Challenge:

- Make a bridge that is at least 30cm long...

- AND is strong enough to hold a book. 


We'll have a bit of a competition to see who can make the longest/strongest bridge so if you manage to do better than this then let me know - photo proof required! 


Top Tip: Think about how to strengthen your materials: Can you add them together? What shapes will create the best structure and hold the most weight? (Look at the pictures for ideas)




Got the building bug?

The website below is great for giving you ideas for projects that you can do at home - just select three items that you have available, spin the spinner and choose your challenge! (This could be something that keeps you busy over summer too.)