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To celebrate, all your work today is BOOK themed!

Join me at 10am on Zoom for a book quiz and the chance to share your own favourite book. Bring your book with you to show everybody and be prepared to tell us WHY you like it so much.  


1) Writing task: Select one of the writing tasks below to have a go at during the day. It's totally up to you which one you choose. I would love to see your work when it's completed :) 

2) World Book Day Challenges: Pick 3 other book related activities activities from the sheet below to have a go at throughout the day (if you can do more than 3, even better!) Check out the video at the bottom of this page for an idea about how to make an origami book mark!
3) Get Caught Reading! Get someone to 'catch' you reading in the most strange/funny/unusual place! Get a photo and bring it into school when we come back next week - They'll make a great display in our book corner! Use the photos below for some inspiration. 
4) The Masked Reader! Click on the link below to take part in the Trowell Masked Reader Competition. Listen to each reader and use the clues to work out who each reader is. Can you guess them all correctly?! 

Easy Paper Monster & Owl Corner Bookmarks

Easy and Simple. These Paper Corner Bookmarks are super easy to make, look fun and really come in handy!