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Tuesday 15th September


1.Daily read

2.Practise spellings or complete the spelling task below. 

3.Different sentences

A sentence can be a statement, command, exclamation or question.

MATHS 100s 10s and 1s

Log on to Rockstars to practise your tables.

SCIENCE - Rocks and Soil

What is under your feet right now?

Under our feet is a layer of rock. This layer of rock is under every town and city, under fields and forests and even under the sea! This layer of rock is called the Earth’s crust.
Below the crust is the mantle. The mantle is made of rock too but this rock is so hot that it has melted! It is called magma. It is thick and runny, like syrup.

Last week you found out about IGNEOUS, SEDIMENTARY and METAMORPHIC.

Recap what you found out, read about the rock cycle and then complete the sheets below.

Challenge - Can you label the Earth's layers? 

Layers of the Earth video for Kids