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Tuesday 23rd February ZOOM

This term, our topic is going to be on Ancient Maya and the first two weeks of English we will be looking at aspects of the Maya in more detail.

Today we will be completing a comprehension on a Maya Myth – ‘The Hero Twins’. We will be completing this together on Zoom so make sure you have a copy to hand before our lesson.

After the lesson, I would like you to watch this version of ‘The Hero Twins’ and then answer the following questions based on what you have learnt.

  • If you knew nothing about the Maya, what could you learn from them from this myth?
  • What was similar/different in the different versions of the myth we have looked at?
  • What characteristics do you think that the Maya valued in people based on the myth?

We will be discussing these in tomorrow’s lesson, so make sure you have some thoughts prepared!

The Story of Hero Twins - Mayan Collection