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Tuesday - Science

Plants - lesson 1 - find out about the different parts of a plant and learn why each part is important. 


What job does each part of the plant do?  Draw and label a plant and say what each part does or use the sheets below. 

OUTSIDE LEARNING - Look at the different types of plants in your garden.  How many different types of plants can you see?  How many can you name? Are they all the same size, shape, colour?  Do they all have flowers?  Are the leaves the same shape and colour?  Take photos or sketch some of the different plants you have in your garden. Add the name of the plant.  


EXTRA TASK - What have you eaten today? Did any of your food come from a plant?  Which ones? Which part of the plant did you eat? Make a recording sheet - write what you ate, which plant it was and which part of the plant.