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Meeting Mr Wells! 

This afternoon, at 1.30, we will be joined on Zoom by Mr Wells. Be prepared to tell him about something that you have really enjoyed doing in Year 5 and something that you are looking forward to in Year 6. Maybe you have a question for him about Year 6? 


Today, I would like you to write a letter to Mr Wells to introduce yourself. Remember, this is the first time he will read your writing so it's a good chance to show off what you can do! Make sure you use well structured sentences, accurate punctuation and paragraphs to organise your writing.

These are some of the things you might want to include in your letter, but of course you can include other ideas too if you want to: 


- Who are you? 
- Who do you live with? 

- What interests/hobbies do you have?

- What are you good at? 

- What have you improved during your time in Year 5?

- What helps you to learn? (eg: Using resources/pictures/word mats/facing the front) 

- What do you want to get better at? 

- What did you do during 'lockdown'?

- What are you most looking forward to in Year 6? 

- Do you have any worries/questions about Year 6? 

- What would you like to know about Mr Wells? 


Look at the top tips below to make sure you set out your letter correctly. 

Sending Your Letter


If you have hand-written your letter, you can send it to Mr Wells via snail mail! Stick your letter in an envelope (don't forget a stamp) and send it to: 


Mr J Wells

Trowell CofE Primary School

Derbyshire Avenue,







If you choose to type your letter, you can email it directly to Mr Wells at:

Mr Wells is looking forward to hearing from you and will write back to you too!