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Week 1

This week we are looking at sorting and counting objects.


I will upload some teaching videos and worksheets, however, I understand that not everyone will have the time to go through these or have printing facilities. Therefore, I have provided practical activities that your child can engage with using resources that you will have in your home. 


Practical activities


Sorting objects

Using resources that you have at home, everyday objects (lego, counters, dolls, cars, even fruit!) how could you sort these objects?

  • What is the same and what is different about each object?
  • Sort by colour
  • Sort by size
  • Sort by shape
  • Mix different groups and see if your child can explain how they have sorted them.


Counting objects

Using objects around the home, encourage your child to count out loud and say how many...

  • Chairs are around the dining table.
  • Windows in your home
  • Doors in your home
  • Flowers in the garden
  • Toys, cars, lego pieces, dolls etc
  • Play a game of hide and seek with objects at home. Can your child find and count every object that has been hidden?

Encourage your child to write down the number of each set of objects.


Counting objects from a group

Select a group of objects that you have in your home.

Ask you child for a particular amount for e.g.  Can I have 6 cars, please? 

Are they able to count out 6 cars from a group? 

Choose another amount and repeat.